Couple & Marital Issues

Most couples in committed relationships know that rough patches are inevitable. No relationship is free disagreement or conflict, but partners can often overcome these obstacles and move forward together. But from time to time, marital issues may arise that challenge the health of a relationship and create tension, frustration, or even distrust. A psychiatrist can help analyze couple and marital issues that are responsible for relationship problems and shine a light not only on emotional problems and disagreements but also on underlying mental illness or physical imbalances that are helping fuel conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could my partner and I need psychiatric intervention for a couple and marital issues?

You and your partner may benefit from psychiatric couples and marital counseling if you are experiencing issues in your marriage that seem insolvable with traditional forms of mediation.

What should I expect during couple and marital issue therapy?

Psychiatric couples and marital therapy often begins with counseling to identify the source of conflict in a relationship. Ultimately, the goal of couples and marital therapy is helping couples determine whether they want to move forward in their relationships; and if so – teaching them how to do it.

What should my partner and I expect to gain from a couple and marital therapy?

As you move forward in your relationship, you’ll come to realize that each partner has his or her own set of ideas, beliefs, and opinions. When they do not match one another, you’ll learn to embrace your differences and find a solution that you can both agree upon.

Other Treatment Options